Ladakh – The True Indian Paradise

The high rising Himalayan peaks, the beautiful azure sky and the scintillating and serene valleys- perhaps this is an apt description of what Ladakh feels like.
Set at the apex of India, Ladakh is the perfect postcard destination which you must see at least once in your lifetime. There is too much beauty packed in one single place. If you are looking for a serene place where you could just let the stillness of your thoughts warm your heart, this is a destination that certainly fits the equation.
Here are a few reasons as to why Ladakh is aptly called the true Indian paradise.

Pangong-Tso-Pic-credits-Fulvio-SpadaUntouched raw natural beauty
In today’s times, where the top cities are all skyscrapers and packed with manmade constructions, Ladakh still stands tall with its mesmerizing natural charm. You won’t find any skyscraper here but the beauty of the surroundings will make you bow down in awe. No matter which direction you see, you will find the tuft of white clouds and the lush green valley’s along with the snow clad mountains. The picturesque power is so majestically brilliant that you will feel like you have finally come home. You can see the ice blue water wherein your reflection will smile back at you and the snow covered peaks will ruffle happiness inside you.


Adrenaline junkies
If you are an adrenaline junkie and you love extreme sports, you will find plenty of such opportunities in Ladakh. There are just too many amazing things to do. Go to Leh on your high speed motor bike and let the winds kiss your face and hug you tight. Not only this, you have some of the best adventure sports like cycling, mountaineering,sky diving or paragliding and a whole range of other activities as well. The list just doesn’t ends as there are so many more things to do. You can ask a local for

help and you will find time flying off. Based upon what your preferences are, you will surely be able to enjoy what you are looking for.


A tryst with wildlife
If you have a thing for spotting wild animals in their own natural den and you love catching a few incredible sight, Ladakh is not going to disappoint you at all. There are a lot of national parks here and if you are
lucky enough, you might catch a few wild animals in action even on the endless road trips which you can take
here. Ladakh is one of those rare places where man and beats have managed to exist in unison without one encroaching upon the other. Look out for some of the exotic species of both flora and a which are indigenous
to the place.

These are some of the best reason which makes Ladakh one of those places which you absolutely need to visit.
There are people who travel to witness the spellbinding beauty of this mountain land from as far as Europe
and America as well.

Standing at the top of a mountain and looking all around will give you a tranquil feeling and you will cherish
the power which life has. Ladakh is a place where you can feel one with your soul and the peace which one finds
in the surroundings is something a lot of us fail to experience otherwise.
Plan a trip here and you are sure to come back again because there are a few places which are not just a city or town but a feeling! This is one of them!

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