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The Lohri is one of the main festival of the state of Punjab . There are many origins of Lohri . However, the main theme of  Lohri is the belief that Lohri is the cultural celebration of the winter solstice.  Lohri was celebrated on the eve of winter solstice day.  It is for this reason that people believe day light is meant to increase from the day after Lohri when the sun starts its northward journey. People believe nights gradually shorten “by the grain of one sesame seed” once the winter solstice passes.

Scientifically, the shortest day of the year is around 21–22 December with the longest night preceding it on the day before, after which the days begin to get longer. Accordingly, winter solstice begins on 21 December or 22 December and Lohri ought to be celebrated on the longest night before winter solstice day followed by Maghi (Makar) Sangrand on winter solstice which marks the point when daylight will increase.

A key feature of Lohri is the bonfire. Lighting of the fire has been common in winter solstice festivals throughout time and the world. it signifies the return of longer days. The bonfire is an ancient tradition, forming a key part of  Lohri traditions.

The farmers from Punjab regard lohri as the Financial New Year. It is traditional to eat GajakSarson ka saag with Makki ki rotiradish etc  The kite flying is an another attraction and part of celebrating the  Lohri. People fly kit of different color & sizes.



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Room On Call wishes you a very Happy Lohri !!!

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