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Artificial Intelligence: A new wave of technology in business travel

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The ever increasing popularity of messaging platforms such as Facebook messenger, Whats app and digital assistants like Siri and Cortana hold testimony to the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) has become a very important part of our lives. Artificial intelligence performs computing tasks, which previously required the assistance of human beings. It enables the computers to make relevant responses to specific queries or requests. AI had brought a boom in the business industry, particularly in the area of business travel. Without a doubt, travel and AI are a suitable combination considering the humongous amount of data travel companies, TMCs in particular, hold with them. Artificial intelligence serves as a great enabler in a time where big data is in the trend. This automation technology can be used effectively to interact with the travelers before and after the trip. Besides this, it allows the travelers to receive booking confirmations, check-in and check-out notifications, room category and other relevant details.

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As AI is gaining importance in the field of business travel, many travel management companies are launching mobile based applications, which use automation technology to make complex tasks simpler. Besides enhancing the travel experience, AI can also be immensely useful in improving travel and expense compliance. This is possible by leveraging advanced analytics to figure out non-compliant travels and thus cut the processing time and effort drastically. This goes to show the value that automation technology brings to corporate spending programmes. Besides this, by using advanced analytics companies are able to focus on the small minority of travelers that cause the most risks. As a result of this, the companies are able to cut out more than half the time and effort, while increasing the overall compliance. AI is becoming appealing to travel managers as well because it emphasizes adherence to the travel budget and policies set forward by the company. Moreover, it helps the travel manager monitor the travel spends of each business traveler.

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Automation technology offers many advantages to the business travel segment, however, its biggest is the real-time data which it imparts to the travelers. This could have cost a lot of time and money if it was done manually, but automation performs this function efficiently by cutting the processing costs and delivering a personalized service. In fact, automation technology can finally resolve the pain points faced by the travel managers on a regular basis. One of the top issues faced by travel managers is to quantify savings, Travel savings are difficult to quantify mainly because of the data quality. Depending on how the employees book their trips and report expenses, a travel manager might have access to incomplete data. To get a detailed understanding of the company’s spending one has to get data from multiple sources such as the travel management company (TMC), online booking tool (OBT), and from wherever the employees book their trips in the open market.  Besides this, the other pain points include manual booking, reimbursement processes, policy compliance and hotel audits. All these pain points faced by the travel managers can be resolved with the help of an automated tool. In fact, the capacity of Automation is as such that many studies show that it will make TMC redundant in the future. Well, whether it happens or not, there is no doubt in the fact that artificial intelligence is here to stay in business travel. It resolves the challenges of big data analytics and delivers a smooth experience to the business travelers. Besides this, it has made bookings, running hotel spend report, and managing travel costs seamless.Room On Call App

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At present times many companies are making the use of automation and intelligence  to help corporate companies manage and control the costs of their travel programs. Room on call is India’s very first start-up, which is catering to the needs of many Fortune 500 companies by helping them manage their travel programs and save time and money. Room on call is helping their clients drive savings by managing and reducing their travel costs with their extensive inventory of more than 10000 rooms across country. Further, with the help of real-time data the clients are able to make real-time decisions, track spends, profit, center wise cost optimization and expense management, all in real time. Besides this, their easy to use tool provides the travelers with an enhanced travelling experience, while at the same time making it easy for them to see what travel options fall within or out of policy. Their tool performs a seamless function and enables the corporate companies to track spends within multiple offices of the same organization. By making use of Artificial Intelligence, Room on call provides seamless travel experience to the travelers with real time inventory. The tool powered by artificial intelligence makes use of predictive analysis to provide a flawless experience to the travelers.

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